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May 12, 2006


Baseball student brings skill to Lakers

by Mitch Schiffer

When the baseball season gets into full swing at Longview, fans could be hearing the name Jayson Mahy quite a bit. Mahy is a sophomore at Longview Community College and has been playing for the Lakers for two seasons. A pitcher and also the pitchers’ captain for the Lakers, Mahy is now getting ready for the 2006 baseball season.

Mahy played high school ball at Kickapoo High School in Springfield, Mo. He played both baseball and basketball but he said that prefers baseball between the two sports and has been playing since five years of age. Since little league Mahy has filled several positions. In his playing years before high school, he played first base, catcher, outfield, and pitcher.

When Mahy came to Longview, he made the starting lineup for the baseball team and as a returning player he has been promoted to the pitching captain position. Mahy says that playing collegiate ball is like a dream come true.

Not only does Mahy like playing baseball, but he is also a fan. Mahy calls being at the ballpark an “indescribable feeling.”

“When I’m at the ballpark it feels like all my troubles go away,” he said. Watching baseball live is better, he said, because watching a game and being a player is like “watching a game within the game.” He adds that when players watch, they can pick up on a lot of different things others might not. He said that he is a St. Louis Cardinal’s fan.

Mahy’s love and enthusiasm for baseball was confirmed up by teammates Chris Childers and Taylor House. Both commented on Mahy’s enthusiasm and work ethic. House said that Mahy is a definite role model for the pitchers and that Mahy has worked harder during the off season and is throwing the ball harder.

Childers said that Mahy is throwing and working a little harder. Mahy’s work ethic and desire get improve is echoed by House. “He has a desire to get better each and every time he steps onto the field,” House said.

After Mahy is done at Longview, he would like to go on to a four-year school, with baseball still a part of his life. “He has a good chance at going somewhere after this year,” Childers said. Taylor House agrees that Mahy would be one of the better pitchers at a four-year school.

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