Are students addicted to cell phones?

April 26, 2012


by Alex Greenlee

Leaving for school. Something is missing and the nakedness takes over. Reaching into the jeans, one thing is absent – the cell phone. Some might not go back, but the feeling of not having that connection could overwhelming. If you leave it, can you make it through the day?

Longview sophomore Rachel Nelson’s cell phone is generally attached to her hand. “I use my cell phone for phone calls, email, facebook, groupon and craigslist,” Nelson said.

Cell phones used to only have one function, to make phone calls. Now they can surf the internet, text, email and do many other things. It can use GPS to get me from point A to point B in various different methods. It can talk to you and can even remind you about your appointments or meetings.

Longview sophomore James Minor would not drive back to get his cell phone if he forgot it. “If you just leave your phone at home you feel like you had a more productive day, you don’t realize how much you have been checking texts and such,” Minor said.

Texting has become more popular over the past several years because it can be used for quick messages instead of phone calls.

Longview sophomore Ryan Huntsman usually texts more than making phone calls. “I usually am texting someone 80 percent of the day,” Huntsman said.

Some people simply cannot live without their cellphones, but Minor says he can.  “I could live without it, worst case scenario I could use someone else’s phone if I needed to or use a landline,” he said.

Nelson and Huntsman also agreed they could live without their cell phones if they had to.

“I do believe that cell phones can be a great tool, but I really think we should use them a little bit less because I feel like we should be getting outside and doing things healthy for us instead of just staying at home and playing on Facebook,” Nelson said.

Nelson believes her cell phone is more than just phone.  “Yes it is, I just believe now cell phones give us access to everything,” she said.

Perhaps a cell phone is much more than a device to make phone calls, but that does not mean they cannot be lived without. Minor has gone without his phone a couple of times. “ It’s not the end of the world,” he said.


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