BR honors program to launch in fall

April 24, 2012


by David Hiestand

In the Fall of 2012, Blue River will pilot an Honors Program for students earning their Associate of Arts degree.

“Our hope is that this Honors Program will not only encourage high-achieving students to come to MCC-Blue River and complete their degree, but also will motivate and challenge them to continue their education beyond an associate’s degree. The program will benefit them well beyond their two-year degree, as it will better position them to compete for scholarships and other awards at four-year institutions,” said Robyn McGee, chair of humanities.

To enter the honors program students must have a 3.5 GPA, 12 hours of college credit, and enroll in the English 101 Gateway Course, which will become available this fall. Upon completing the probationary course, students will be fully admitted into the program and have the opportunity to take one of the two required honors seminars the following semester. Students will have other requirements to fulfill, including completing mathematics, humanities, natural science and social science course,s which may or may not include honors projects.

“We wanted to create a program for students who are seeking a challenge academically and looking to set their transcripts apart from other students earning the A.A. degree,” said Ben Wolfe, chair of natural and social sciences.

Longview has offered an honors program since 1991. Students can graduate from Longview with honors if they maintain a 3.5 GPA and complete at least 15 hours of honors credit. Students earn honors credit through taking honors seminars and contracting with their instructors to complete additional projects or assignments.

“MU has accepted Longview’s honors graduates into their Jr. level honors programs,” said  Keet Kopecky, biology instructor and director of the Longview honors program.

Maple Woods offers an honors course that is two semesters long. Completing this course fulfills both writing intensive and learning community requirements, and demonstrates on the student’s transcript that they completed the Maple Woods honors sequence.

Students with questions about Blue River’s upcoming honors program should contact Robyn McGee at or 816-604-6530.


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