CL&L makes college worthwhile

April 8, 2012


by Rebecca McGee

Going to class, studying, testing, and stressing are all part of college life. College students need some place to go, or something to do to take the edge off.

Another equally important part of college life is hanging with friends and meeting new people. Our campus has a place dedicated to just such a thing.

Every week the Campus Life and Leadership office sponsors events in the Campus Center. The events are usually something fun such as a contest, but sometimes the events are more practical. These events are free and last for several hours so everyone can come and enjoy. Kim Prosak, the Campus Life and Leadership coordinator, works hard all year to keep these events going.

The Campus Life and Leadership office has a staff of four students and two faculty members. Together they work year round planning and setting up the events. Plans are already underway for the Summer and Fall Semesters.

These events are hosted to give students something to do at school other than attend classes.

“Some are just for fun,” Prosak said, adding that her team hopes for students to “take advantage of challenges and opportunities.”

“This job makes it easier to make connections on campus,” said Keagan Huntsman, CL&L employee since October 2010. He says that he made many friends by being apart of CL&L.

Huntsman and his co-workers play a huge role in organizing and running the events. They brain storm to come up with events that they think might be fun, make flyers and decorate white designed to catch the attention of students so they will come to the events.

Marquaisha Loggins, a sophomore at Longview, said she has attended at least four events, and that the CL&L “exposes the students to new things.”

“ Campus Life and Leadership makes coming to community college enjoyable,” Loggins said.

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