Enrollment begins April 9

April 7, 2012


by Sidney Keeling

Enrollment for summer and fall courses offered at MCCKC begins April 9.  No matter what your needs for the next two semesters, advisors say the best idea is to start planning early.

“It is crucial to ask questions you may have for the Student Development Center as soon as possible,” said Paula Swope, an MCC-Blue River academic advisor.

Where can students enroll? The first, and highly convenient option, is to log into My MCCKC begin looking at what classes are offered at the campus of choice. Using the Search Classes option, students can view the instructors and times of the classes available for enrollment for both fall and summer.

Another way to enroll is to make an appointment with an academic advisor in a campus Student Development Center.

“Students should come in early for answers. It takes time for each advisor to get the answers the individual student needs. Come in and give [us] the time to get you the right answer,” said Gabby DeMoss, an MCC-Blue River loan advisor and interim financial aid Advisor.

It is important to know that not all courses offered during spring and fall semesters are offered during the summer. Those offered in summer include the basic core classes, such as algebra and English, and those that are perquisites for other courses.

Students don’t only have questions on enrollment, but how they are going to pay for these classes as well. MCC has raised tuition on summer courses by $5 per credit hour for all student, and$2 per credit hour will be added to lab fees on internet course.

Students on federal financial aid may not always qualify for  aid during the summer. Those who qualify for full time financial aid during regular semesters, but do not attend full time during those semesters, do qualify to use the left over money for summer classes and books.

However, MCC does not offer scholarships for summer courses, said Samantha Johnson, a financial aid advisor at MCC-Blue River.


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