Students are MCC’s neighborhood watch

September 1, 2011


by Micah Moon

Students: You are the eyes and ears of the MCC Police Department.
Like a neighborhood watch, students play an important role in the safety of the campus. Many students are unaware how easy it is to get help at a moment’s notice. 

“I wish that they had more resources and monitoring of the campus,” said MCC Longview student Crystal Peeples. “I rarely see any security officers around campus and I just think that if people see them more often, then bad things are possibly less likely to happen.”

But Penn Valley, Longview, Blue River, Business & Technology and Maple Woods are staffed with campus police 24/7 and security cameras extend the watchful eyes of every officer, incidents can happen anywhere, at anytime. Students are encouraged to notify their campus police any time they have a concern, and it couldn’t be easier. MCC Police can be reached by visiting the police station on campus, by calling the main dispatch line, (816) 604-1200, or by calling in from one of the emergency call stations located in several places on each campus. Whether you want an escort to your vehicle at night, or have noticed some suspicious activity out in the parking lot, assistance is only a call away.

Much of the safety advice given by campus police is good practice no matter where you are. According to Domenick Brouillette, MCC Associate Director of Public Safety, “You should avoid having tunnel vision, and pay attention to your surroundings. If something is suspicious, go with your gut and call for help.”

MCC student Jessica Wegener has witnessed suspicious activity in the parking lots before. “Students are attending classes while their cars could be at risk in the parking lot,” warns Wegener. What else can be done to minimize that risk?

“Locking your car doors and hiding valuables in your vehicle are two simple things you can do to reduce crime on school property,” recommends Brouillette.

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