Cuban musician tunes into education at Longview

October 10, 2003


Isis Diegeuz works in Longview´s Access office

Isis Diegeuz works in Longview´s Access office


Having just moved here from Miami, adjusting to the not-so-surreal surroundings was difficult for Longview student Isis Diegeuz at first, but not as difficult as her move from Cuba just ten years ago. Diegeuz admits it was a relief leaving the communist country but it is always hard to give up lifelong friends.

“I really moved from communist Cuba to Americanized Cuba,” she said, as her neighborhood in Miami was predominantly Cuban.

Diegeuz fits in well because of her interest in people and learning their ways and interest. She misses the ocean and jet skiing with her friends from Miami. Her family is very loving and supportive to help fill that void, she said.

The Diegeuzes have a long musical background. Everyone plays an instrument they’ve been known to bust out a hot tune on occasion. Diegeuz writes music, plays the piano and sings to entertain herself and family. The bond in the Diegeuz family is a strong one, she said. Her parents support her every decision and respect her freedom. They are also always there if she needs advice or help with anything. Being the only child, Diegeuz’s parents were able to focus all their love and attention on her, which is probably the reason for the great morals and character she possesses.

Diegeuz has been volunteering at elementary schools and has intentions of becoming a kindergarten teacher to support her love for children.

“Children are the hope of a better tomorrow. That is why they deserve the very best of us. I may not change the world but I can change the coarse of a life.”

Diegeuz is on the right track in pursuing her passion for children here at Longview. She works in the Access Office helping students with special needs with the questions or problems they may have. She works four days a week, and still maintains a steady workload of classes.

The women she works with love her “She is sweet and a pleasure to work with,” says Margaret Berter. “Isis is a very nice person,” Mary Sturdivant, a second coworker explains.

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